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Certifications: M/WBE, DBE, WBE, WOSB, and AABE in Maryland, New York, and Texas


Entrepreneur Future  Firm 


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Our Company deals with the complexity of competition in

the area of accounting services, to achieve success with ease.

LWC is geared towards giving tax services, aiding the fight against

the economic endemic recession that has effective everyone.  

LWC is also engaged in providing financial services to our clients all over the world; to achieve transparency and accountability in their businesses.


The Company will partner with governments in order to provide financial

services, thereby assisting in the growth of their economic and socio-

economic settings and markets.  Besides, in the spirit of ‘synergy’, the

Company will partner with Firms having similar objects providing financial services in Maryland, and other States in the United States of America.

Our ‘Business Philosophy’, we were prepared to materialize, the ‘abstract essence’ of our business: Like a ‘To Do List’, we outlined, prioritized and focus on tangible goals for our business growth.   As a result, we've achieved success in our business.

Services Offer:

L Wright Co. LLC is a tax vehicle that helps individuals and businesses with their tax obligations, tax filing, sales tax, franchise tax, quarterly reporting, and annual filing. 

LWC Tax Training Classes TBD, for the 2024 Tax Season

Individuals & Groups of five can register @ Email: [email protected]

We all can learn something new!

Tax and Business Consultant Services 

For Individuals & Businesses